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Thermajet 425 36W UV Light Nail Dryer

Thermajet 425 36W UV Light Nail Dryer

le fournisseur

One of the best seller UV light nail dryer model ever created in the market. The ThermaJet 425 has a long proven record for its powerful curing capability, durability, space saving, and ease of use. Superior features of this design includes:

Dome-shaped curing chamber for retaining high
curing UV light intensity.

Four 9-watt compact UV lights strategically
positioned to maximize curing.

Built-in 5-minute timer for automatic operation.

Heavy duty housing.

Additional improvements are made to incorporate manual mode of operation into the unit for slow curing gel or topcoat. A detached power cord for ease of handling, moving, or servicing.

Two modes of operation:
Manual: For slow curing gel. Light unit will be permanently on until manually turn off.
Automatic: For standard curing period of 5 minutes. Light unit will turn off automatically in 5 minutes.

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Thermajet 425 UV 36W Light Nail DryerThermajet 425 UV 36W Light Nail DryerSign in to see the price


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